Global financial data. Ready in Google Sheets.

All the data available via catalog is now accessible via Finazon's Google Sheets Add-on. Connect to the world of stocks, forex, crypto, and more to boost your analysis in your workspace.



Maximize your productivity. Unleash Finazon extension.

Features previously available only using programming are now available with a few clicks, from downloading historical prices to real-time news. You can do it all.

Works in personal
and business workspace.

Access and leverage global financial data

Wide data selection.

Real-time & historical data

Ready for bar charts and technical analysis.

Real-time & historical data

YouTube guides.
Simple documentation.

Tick-level data

Automatic interval-based

Real-time & historical data

use cases

Ready for every task.

Presenting useful use cases for your comfortable work with financial data.

Set tracking of your portfolio across any market.

Get the universal API key in the dashboard. The API key gives you access to the data of each dataset you are subscribed to. Then, you can pull that data to track prices in real time for a portfolio.

Install extension
Access all data from your subscriptions via universal API key

Get your data with optional parameters.

Finazon Google Sheets extension offers the possibility to get more accurate and detailed data with optional parameters.

Install extension
Get your data with optional parameters

Get data & visualise it.

Make your analysis as deep as possible with charting based on data from your subscription. Enjoy capabilities with Finazon Google Sheets extension.

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Choose only options you need

Questions? Answers.

Create new file in Google sheets, go to tab “Extensions” then open “Add-ons” and press “Get add-on” from list. Search by “Finazon” then install extension. You can easily find Finazon extension in tab “Extensions”.

Extension is free. Just to remind you, an active subscription to the datasets is required to receive financial data.
We provide massive amounts of ready-to-use datasets via Catalog. And the best part is that they are entirely customizable to your case.

Finazon extension offers all data from Finazon catalog datasets. There are large amount of datasets that you can tailor to your goals.

  • 1. The extension inserts a formula into a cell, the formula loads data.

  • 2. The data is periodically updated if a refresh interval is selected.

  • 3. Values in cells can be changed as you like, add your own formulas for analysis e.g.

All data available in Finazon datasets is covered by extension functions that corresponds to the REST API method in our documentation. Finazon docs also can help you with parameters filling and decipher responses.

We are always here to help :)
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