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Whether you provide publicly available or propietary data collected internally within your company, partner with Finazon to delivered elevated user experiences and unlock new monetization opportunities for your own business.

Monetize data and grow your revenue

Join the largest financial marketplace in the world

Increase your data revenue and global footprint

Develop joint customer solutions with Finazon

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Establish new lines of business

Capture recurring revenue beyond implementation

Expand beyond market data with other financial services and tools to build long-term strategic engagements

Integration process

Monetize data with confidence

We collaborate with our partners to provide them with a scalable data distribution platform, user management, and billing that build long-lasting partnerships. We simplify the path for the data monetization since we know how long and evolving it could be.



Decision to monetize the data and establish new revenue stream.



Finazon team performs careful analysis, research, structuring, cleaning, and find an effective go-to-market plan.



Data is added to the catalog and available via API and extensive ecosystem of libraries, apps, and integrations



The end-user purchases a dataset to build an outstanding product.

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