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Our mission is to create one marketplace for all world financial data

From accessing US exchanges in real-time, to obtaining historical prices from exotic and newly-created markets, Finazon helps you get all in-house



Requests daily



Securities available



Exchanges supported



Currency pairs

We've taken into account all the downsides to create a platform that would help customers

Also, we’re creating proprietary datasets based on AI-powered algorithms that collect and process data globally

Access worldwide data

Scale your products

Reduce paperwork

Focus on user experience

Easily integrate data


We’re partners to users of all sizes

We’re partners to large, enterprise-scale businesses with complex data needs that require stability and flexibility to empower their products, to individuals just starting with investments, as well as FinTech startups that dream about making this world a better place and requiring a reliable partner along the way

As our users scale, so do our solutions. We all grow together

All-in-one financial data marketplace

Finazon is all-in-one financial data marketplace for integration into personal and commercial products. To achieve that, we partner with stock and crypto exchanges, worldwide data publishers, collect and create proprietary datasets

We store a petabyte of data and deliver it via simple user interfaces, robust API, and streaming WebSocket


Fully customizable datasets

Each dataset is fully customizable, allowing users to configure light or extensive usage, real-time or delayed, fresh or historical data, and much more

Moreover, we are the pioneering data provider to showcase all the prices transparently upfront

There is a massive opportunity in front of us

We’re building a business that is large, purposeful, and lasting. And we’re helping users around the world do the same

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Discover our values

Our key ingredients to success at Finazon are our values and our culture. Our culture defines who we are, what guides us, what is important to us, and how we overcome disagreements with one another; it is like our DNA. We select, hire, coach, and advocate for the brightest people thanks to our values below


Just do it

At Finazon, we don’t make excuses, we make progress. Giving up is not an option for us, and failure is solely a matter which keeps us moving forward. We push through and keep going because determination and cleverness will make us get it done.

Exceed the expectations

Making our customers happy and building great products is what we love. We are driven by the idea of creating original and straightforward solutions which meet our customer's standards.

The perfect team

Our team is like a professional orchestra: we only hire the most skilled maestros and position them in the right spot to perform

Break new ground

We never settle with what we’ve attained. We give ourselves new goals, find new objectives and redefine our standards. We always grow and expand our knowledge because we believe there is always room to improve. We believe that going beyond the bounds and extending our limits opens up new opportunities.

Think smart

Great reason, sound judgment, and logical thinking is what guides us through decision-taking at Finazon. We take everything to heart with an open mind on the lookout for authenticity and truth.

Our team

We assemble teams that blend expertise and fresh perspectives, creating a synergistic space for work, development, and learning


We’re Fin


Join our team

Join us in building the first truly global financial platform

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We are a remote first company

We exploit the flexibility that comes when the office doesn’t have walls. All-remote since its inception, Finazon applies the FinDev approach to innovate how people collaborate, communicate, and deliver results across countries. Finazon will even provide a grant to help you enhance your remote workplace.

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Finazon • Marketplace for the Global Financial Data APIs
Finazon is a financial data marketplace covering stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies and beyond. Access real-time, historical and alternative data via API & WebSocket.
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