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US Equities Max is the ultimate option for every non-professional user, allowing individuals to access the most precise information in the United States. This dataset is also ideal for companies engaged in trading, building an app, or any other projects that require unsacrificed US market data.

US Equities Max is a consolidated dataset that provides all level-1 price information from all exchanges in the United States.

This feed is the quickest option for getting data over the cloud, as it is disseminated in real-time with an average latency of 100 milliseconds. It contains aggregated time series (OHLCV) ranging from from 1-minute to 1-month intervals, raw trades and quotes, as well as snapshots with price summaries. The extensive reference data includes lists of tickers, markets, and far more. In addition to REST API, majority of the data can be streamed via WebSocket.

To create this dataset, Finazon receives raw prices from UTP and CTA, also known as SIPs. Prices are further aggregated using a complex set of rules, which results in an unbiased dataset that is built upon every single executed trade in the country. Data is adjusted for splits and dividends, allowing you to be certain about price accuracy when working with the US Equities Max dataset.

Uptime 95.95%

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Stocks · ETF

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Real-time · Historical


United States

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29800+ instruments



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