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We’ve worked hard to establish a community of forward-thinking people personally invested and driven by Finazon’s mission. Our team brings together experienced talent and inspirational new voices to build a collaborative space that encourages learning and growth.

Benefits at Finazon

There are a lot more ways to feel good here. We offer a range of meaningful benefits that motivate people to thrive and enjoy.

Work from anywhere

With our remote-first policy, you can set up shop from anywhere in the world and receive home office stipend.

Career development

We believe in the potential of our people—as leaders and as humans—so we made a program to help them reach their goals.

Stock options

Finazon offers stock options for all employees so everyone can participate in the growth and success of the company.

Double donations

When you give money to an eligible organization, we’ll match your donations one-for-one, so your $1 has the impact of $2.


Performance bonuses to let you know we appreciate your hard work .

Flexible schedule

Choose the best time for you to work to stay at the peak of your efficiency.

Parental leave

We offer paid parental leave for all new parents who have worked at Finazon for more than a year.

We’ve got you covered

Finazon offers a number of healthcare packages that are better and more comprehensive than they have to be.

Discover our values

Our key ingredients to success at Finazon are our values and our culture. Our culture defines who we are, what guides us, what is important to us, and how we overcome disagreements with one another; it is like our DNA. We select, hire, coach, and advocate for the brightest people thanks to our values below


Just do it

At Finazon, we don’t make excuses, we make progress. Giving up is not an option for us, and failure is solely a matter which keeps us moving forward. We push through and keep going because determination and cleverness will make us get it done.

Exceed the expectations

Making our customers happy and building great products is what we love. We are driven by the idea of creating original and straightforward solutions which meet our customer's standards.

The perfect team

Our team is like a professional orchestra: we only hire the most skilled maestros and position them in the right spot to perform.

Break new ground

We never settle with what we’ve attained. We give ourselves new goals, find new objectives and redefine our standards. We always grow and expand our knowledge because we believe there is always room to improve. We believe that going beyond the bounds and extending our limits opens up new opportunities.

Think smart

Great reason, sound judgment, and logical thinking is what guides us through decision-taking at Finazon. We take everything to heart with an open mind on the lookout for authenticity and truth.

Finazon • Marketplace for the Global Financial Data APIs
Finazon is a financial data marketplace covering stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies and beyond. Access real-time, historical and alternative data via API & WebSocket.
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