Buy-side solutions for the fast-changing landscape.

Investing is not just about having capital but knowing where and when to allocate it. Finazon's financial data gives buy-side professionals the knowledge and confidence to make informed investment decisions, optimize portfolio performance, and stay ahead in a dynamic market.

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Data services for the buy-side. At your command.

Precision data for portfolio management

Refine your investment strategies with Finazon's precise financial data. Our datasets support portfolio managers in identifying growth opportunities and diversifying investment risks to enhance returns.

Comprehensive market data

Access broad-spectrum market data that spans equities, bonds, forex, and alternative assets. This rich vein of information provides the foundation for robust investment research and market analysis.

Why Finazon for the buy-side? Intelligence, customized.

In-depth analysis and insights

Leverage Finazon's granular market data to derive actionable insights. Our datasets are a springboard for in-depth analysis, giving you clarity on market movements and investor behaviors.

Customizable data solutions

Recognizing the unique needs of buy-side firms, Finazon offers customizable data feeds that align with your specific analytical requirements and investment focus.

Data features and advantages.

Real-time and historical data access

With Finazon, historical trends, and real-time market dynamics are at your fingertips, providing a temporal landscape to inform your investment strategies.

Advanced data analytics

Utilize our advanced analytical tools to distill complex datasets into clear, actionable information, enabling your firm to anticipate market trends and respond proactively.

Compliance and risk optimization.

Data-driven regulatory compliance

Stay compliant and up-to-date with evolving financial regulations using our meticulously curated datasets designed to support compliance workflows.

Enhanced risk management

Leverage our data for a more comprehensive risk analysis. By identifying potential investment risks early, you can take steps to mitigate them before they impact your portfolio.

Data integration and synergy support.

Seamless data integration

Our data seamlessly integrates into your existing buy-side platforms and workflows, ensuring that you can continue to operate with efficiency and confidence.

Continuous support and guidance

Finazon's commitment to your success includes ongoing support. Our team is ready to assist you in overcoming any data-related challenges that may arise.

Pricing with transparent value.

Tailored data packages

Explore our competitively priced data packages that cater to buy-side institutions of all sizes. We offer scalability to grow with your firm's needs.

Specialized datasets

For specialized requirements, we offer tailored datasets. Speak to us to create a pricing plan reflecting your firm's data usage and strategic objectives.

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