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The Finazon financial data suite helps small businesses create big solutions. Stocks, forex, crypto, and other asset types are available from day one. They are accessible via lightning-fast API, WebSocket, and numerous SDKs. And they are packed with features to help you focus on what you do best even better while we take care of the data.

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Act as an enterprise. Pay as a small business.

Financial data isn't just for big corporations. For small businesses, having access to comprehensive financial data can level the playing field, allowing them to make informed decisions that can drive growth and profitability. Whether you're assessing new market opportunities, improving existing products, or evaluating a new market data partner, the right financial data is invaluable. We recognize the heart and hustle of small businesses. That's why we've tailored Finazon datasets to be as accessible and beneficial to small enterprises as it is to the world's leading companies. With us, you get precision, timeliness, and clarity in every data set.


Small businesses empowered


Average increase in data productivity


Saved on average in market data fees

Your growth is our success

As you scale, evolve, and adapt, we're here every step of the way, ensuring you have the data you need to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. Partner with Finazon and equip your business with the tools for success.

Data. For every project.

Finazon comes with powerful data available out of the box.

Global financial opportunities

Dive into a world of potential with our comprehensive data coverage spanning across various markets. From stocks, forex, to the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, we ensure your business is always one step ahead, no matter where in the world you’re aiming to thrive.

Effortless compliance and reporting

Understanding the intricacies of compliance and reporting can be daunting. Finazon simplifies this process for small businesses. Our platform not only provides the data but also structures it in a way that's ready for regulatory submissions and internal reporting, making compliance a breeze.

Reliability you can trust

In the fast-paced world of finance, downtime can mean lost opportunities. We prioritize your business's continuous operation with enterprise-grade security and reliability. Our systems are built to withstand challenges, ensuring your data access remains uninterrupted and secure.

Seamless integration with your tech stack

We understand that every small business is unique, with distinct technological needs. Finazon offers an array of solutions, from REST API to spreadsheet add-ons designed to integrate smoothly with your existing tech stack. This means less time wrestling with systems and more time capitalizing on the insights our data provides.

Technology that empowers the future.

Real-time & historical data

Receive data in near real-time with a swift delivery under 300 ms. Delve into rich archives featuring more than ten years of tick-level and aggregated historical data.

Seamless developer experience

Harness the power of our advanced REST APIs, WebSocket, gRPC, and an array of SDKs, all designed for smooth developer integrations.

Comprehensive guides

Step-by-step tutorials detail the journey from getting started to mastering the complexities of financial data, ensuring you exploit its full potential.

Intuitive spreadsheet access

Directly channel our vast data streams into Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, crafting the ultimate toolkit for analysts.

Robust data collections

From candlesticks, technical indicators, and snapshots to detailed tickers, trades, and quotes data – everything's primed for seamless app integration.

Expertise × passion

Our dedication goes beyond data provision. We're passionate about helping customers navigate, optimize, and master their data utilization journey.


Small business pricing.

Understanding that each enterprise has its own scale and requirements, Finazon offers a flexible pricing structure. Whether you're launching a new project or empowering the existing ones used by millions of people, we've got a plan that fits.

Professional Subscriber

As a small business, you fall under the "Professional Subscriber" category for certain datasets, which often entails higher costs and specific compliance requirements compared to Non-Professional tiers. At Finazon, we've meticulously designed our marketplace to ensure you benefit from the most cost-effective exchange rates.

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Transparent costs, no hidden fees

Proprietary datasets.

We proudly present an array of proprietary datasets exclusive to Finazon, exempting you from traditional exchange fees and reporting constraints. Furthermore, our datasets parallel the value provided by established exchanges. You're empowered to choose the most fitting solution, be it ours or an external exchange's.

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Transparent costs, no hidden fees

Pricing. Disrupted.

Every dataset is configurable to your requirements.
Upgrades and downgrades at any time.
No long-term commitment.
Transparent prices with no hidden fees.

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Transparent costs, no hidden fees

Questions? Answers.

The Enterprise package is tailored to provide comprehensive access to global financial data, dedicated support, advanced customization options, and additional features specific to large-scale business needs.

Our enterprise pricing is structured to cater to large-scale and unique requirements. This includes economies of scale discounts, custom packages, and flexibility in choosing specific datasets, making it distinct from our standard offerings.

Absolutely! We understand that every enterprise may have specific data requirements. Reach out to us, and we will work to customize a dataset that aligns with your needs.

Typically, our enterprise subscriptions have a one-year commitment. However, we do provide flexibility based on the specific needs and agreements with individual enterprises.

Data security is our top priority. We employ best-in-class encryption, regular security audits, and stringent data protection policies to ensure your information remains confidential and secure.

Enterprise users benefit from priority support, including a dedicated account manager, faster response times, and even on-site assistance if required.

Our data is updated in near-real-time. The frequency can vary based on the specific type of data, but rest assured, you will always have access to the most current and accurate information.

Yes, our data is designed to be seamlessly integrated into any platform and system. If you face any challenges, our technical support team is always ready to assist.

There are no hidden charges or setup fees for our Enterprise package. All costs will be discussed upfront during the agreement.

Of course! If your needs have grown, transitioning to an Enterprise package is smooth and straightforward. Our team will guide you through the process.

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