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Which subscription type is right for you?

Non-Professional Professional
Usage Personal Commercial
Finazon real-time fees Start at $3 monthly Start at $2,000 monthly
Exchange fees +
Access Instant After CTA & UTP approval
Create Personal workspace Create Business workspace
Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Professional Subscriber refers to any natural person who receives market data solely for his/her personal, non-business use and who is not a “Securities Professional,”. Learn more

You qualify as Professional Subscriber if:

  • You have opened a business or academic account.
  • You are currently registered with the SEC.
  • You are currently qualified with the CFTC.
  • You are currently registered or qualified with any securities agency, exchange, association, or regulatory body.
  • You are currently registered or qualified with any commodities or futures contract market, association, or regulatory body in the United States.
  • You are located within or outside of the United States and you perform functions that are similar to those that require an individual within the U.S. to register or qualify with the SEC, the CFTC, any other securities agency, any other securities exchange, securities association, securities regulatory body, or any commodities or futures contract market, association, or regulatory body.
  • You are engaged to provide investment advice to any individual or entity.
  • You are engaged as an asset manager.
  • You use the capital of any other individual or entity in the conduct of your trading.
  • You entered into any agreement to share the profit of your trading activities or receive compensation for your trading activities.
  • You receive office space and equipment or other benefits in exchange for your trading work as a financial consultant to any person, firm, or business entity.
  • You conduct trading for the benefit of a corporation, partnership, LLC, tax-exempt organization, trust, or other entity.

Learn more about Professional status.

Exchanges frequently conduct inspections to review new projects and verify the sources of data presented on websites, apps, or other platforms. In the event that the exchange discovers that data is not being sourced from an authorized professional subscriber, it may result in retroactive fees being billed by the exchange at the professional rate. To maintain compliance with exchange regulations and avoid any potential liabilities or fees, it is important to proceed with the correct subscriber type that matches your eligibility and needs.

For Pro subscribers, it is necessary to sign direct agreements with CTA & UTP and pay exchange fees directly to them. The exchange fees vary based on usage case, display policy, and other factors, and typically range from $1,000 to $10,000 per month. Additionally, Pro subscribers will also pay fees to Finazon for accessing and receiving the data. Our fees are designed to be user-friendly, and generally fall in the range of $2,000 to $2,500 per month.

Non-Pro subscribers are not required to pay exchange fees since there is no obligation to sign a contract with CTA & UTP. The only fees that Non-Pro subscribers need to pay are for accessing the data through Finazon. These fees range from $3 to $200 per month.

Yes. It is common to start as a Non-Pro subscriber when working on personal projects and then later realize the potential to expand into a commercial venture. To maintain compliance and access the benefits offered with a Professional Subscriber Status, we encourage you to switch your status from Non-Pro to Pro. Our team is available to assist you throughout the process and answer any questions you may have about upgrading your subscription.

Currently, there are no trials available for SIP data feeds due to CTA & UTP regulations. However, Professional subscribers can still test out the API with an end-of-day data feed that does not require approval. This allows you to explore the features and capabilities of the service before proceeding to a full subscription.

For Non-Professional subscribers, we offer affordable monthly subscriptions starting at just $3. This provides you with access to real-time data and allows you to test the data in a live environment. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on selecting the subscription type that best fits your needs.

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