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Finazon offers hundreds of price, fundamentals, private, and alternative datasets within one marketplace that allows you to configure each of them precisely. And with the most advanced data connectivity on the market featuring REST API, WebSocket, gRPC, and more, you can empower your workflow in minutes — with bespoke data compliance and reliability. It’s never been easier to get data.

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A world of world-class data.


Even more ways to get data from Finazon.

Simple API requests.

No overcomplication when retrieving stock market API data. We designed our API using canonical conventions and standards that developers love. Ensuring you can focus on building your product instead of spending time learning the API.

  • Response in JSON or CSV formats.

  • Ready-to-use SDKs for major programming languages.

  • Detailed documentation, supplemented with practical guides and hands-on tutorials.

GET /latest/time_series

curl --request GET
  --url '' 
  --header 'Authorization: apikey your_api_key'


        "t": 1697227140,
        "o": 178.79,
        "h": 178.94,
        "l": 178.7,
        "c": 178.85,
        "v": 6290538

WebSocket API.

The most efficient method to auto-stream US stock data from exchanges. Simply connect once, subscribe to the required tickers and channels, and handle the data on your end.

  • Aggregated data streaming in 1 minute bars.

  • Raw trades and quotes streaming.

  • Detailed documentation, complemented by practical guides and hands-on tutorials.

Request example

    "event": "subscribe",
    "dataset": "sip_non_pro",
    "tickers": ["AAPL","TSLA"],
    "channel": "bars",
    "frequency": "1s",
    "aggregation": "1m"


The ultimate solution for high-performance market data transport.

  • JSON, XML — data in any format!

  • Auto generated SDKs for most programming languages.

  • Comprehensive documentation enriched with user-friendly guides and interactive tutorials.

Request example

  -H 'authorization: Bearer your_api_key'
  -d '{"dataset": "sip_non_pro", "ticker": "AAPL"}'

Spreadsheets add-ons.

US stock market data API can be accessed non-programmatically via spreadsheets add-ons, which give you a fast, easy, and powerful way to unlock the potential of your work.

  • Google Sheets Add-on.

  • Excel Add-on.

  • Automatic data refresh.

finazon addon



daily requests



instruments available



exchanges supported




Reference data to locate any instrument.

Extensive reference data, curated by AI and our editorial team. All information is standardized.

Access stocks using:

  • Ticker
  • CIK
  • ISIN
  • CQS
  • Composite FIGI
  • Share FIGI
  • LEI


    "data": [
        "ticker": "AAPL",
        "currency": "USD",
        "security": "Apple Inc. - Common Stock",
        "mic": "nasdaq",
        "asset_type": "COMMON_STOCK",
        "cqs": "",
        "cik": "320193",
        "cusip": "037833100",
        "isin": "US0378331005",
        "composite_figi": "BBG000B9XRY4",
        "share_figi": "BBG001S5N8V8",
        "lei": "HWUPKR0MPOU8FGXBT394"

Our most advanced price data ever.

Raw trades and quotes are designed to provide a true reflection of the market situation. Our aggregated time series data is available in 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 1 month intervals, allowing you to build charts, analyze data, or run a backtesting.


    "data": [
            "t": 1697227140,
            "o": 178.79,
            "h": 178.94,
            "l": 178.7,
            "c": 178.85,
            "v": 6290538
            "t": 1697227080,
            "o": 178.78,
            "h": 178.85,
            "l": 178.75,
            "c": 178.79,
            "v": 363178
            "t": 1697227020,
            "o": 178.9,
            "h": 178.93,
            "l": 178.745,
            "c": 178.775,
            "v": 282778

Unmatched data quality.

Finazon ensures superior data quality at every stage — from data collection, processing, and cleaning to aggregation and dissemination. With our extensive network of global servers, you're guaranteed optimal response times without any delays.

Compared to other providers, Finazon delivers up to 2x faster data responses, up to 50 percent greater price accuracy, and up to 50 percent more server fault tolerance.

Unmatched data quality

Up to


Faster responses

Up to


Price accuracy

Up to


Fault tolerance


A clear winner.

Maximize your potential with data that has it all.

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Questions? Answers.

Finazon provides a diverse range of datasets, including price, fundamentals, private market data, and alternative datasets. We ensure coverage of various asset classes such as equities, forex, and cryptocurrencies, to name a few.

Our data marketplace is designed for easy access via multiple connectivity options. You can integrate our datasets directly into your workflow through REST API, WebSocket, gRPC, and other leading data connectivity methods.

Absolutely. We understand that every business has unique needs. That’s why we offer configurable dataset options, allowing you to tailor the data according to your specific requirements.

Finazon's data connectivity is top-of-the-line, supporting multiple protocols to ensure seamless and efficient data integration. Our robust infrastructure allows for high reliability and low latency, ensuring your data-driven decisions are timely and informed.

Yes, we prioritize data compliance, offering bespoke solutions to meet stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements. This ensures you can use our data with confidence, knowing it adheres to legal and best practice standards.

Integration is swift and straightforward with Finazon’s advanced connectivity options. Depending on the complexity of your requirements, you can start empowering your workflow with our data in minutes after configuration.

Finazon typically offers free access to our datasets so you can evaluate their quality and relevance to your needs.

Yes, we have a dedicated support team to assist with data integration. We provide comprehensive documentation and direct support to ensure a smooth setup process.

The frequency of updates depends on the specific dataset. Some data, like market prices, are updated in near real-time, while other datasets may be updated daily or monthly. Detailed information about update frequencies is available for each dataset.

We are continually expanding our data offerings. If you require a dataset that is not currently listed, our team is open to discussing custom data solutions to meet your needs.

The best way to stay updated is to subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on our social media channels, or regularly check our blog for the latest announcements and articles.'

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Working with Finazon.

Finazon supports data publishers with tools to create, publish, promote, and measure data usage across the world. Discover all the ways to showcase your data on Finazon — including technical guides, brand guidelines, and more.

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